I was born in Urbino, Italy, in 1982.
I live in London and I am a Game Developer at PRELOADED.
What I do

  • Sound design

Musical composition and production

Background Music for videos

Sound installations

  • Interaction design

Software development of interactive multimedia installations

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Unity

Multiplatform apps and videogames

Software development for Motion Sensing with Kinect v1 e v2


Drag the shapes and press play!



Applied Informatics

Piano with M° G. Valentini

Electronic Music with M° E. Giordani

Musical composition with M° M. Ferrante

Advanced laboratory in music for films




PRELOADED – Play with purpose
ETT S.p.A – International Digital & Creative company

Muschi&Licheni – Art direction atelier, they’re also active in facilitation, coaching and education.

Space S.p.A – Information Technology Society dedicated to services for cultural innovation.

Housatonic – Multi-talent studio skilled in scribing, graphic recording, visualization.

Raffaele Mariotti – Photographer and video designer.

Marco Poderi Studio – Video productions and multimedia communication projects.

Lele Marcojanni – Video, graphics and creative writing.

Roberto Mezzano – Visual and motion designer.

Pietro Spagnolo – Visual designer.

Antonio D’Elisiis – Visual designer.

Michele Magnoni – Web UX designer.

Francesco Domenico D’Auria – Multimedia artist, visual designer, actor\performer, filmmaker, producer, civic hacker.

Luca Agnani – Video projection mapping.

Giovanni Bedetti

Via Ca’ Dondo 1, 61029 Urbino

email – write@giovannibedetti.com

skype – giovanni.bedetti