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Paint (with) sound

  CallPainting is a project on the relation between sound and image, and more generally on synesthesia. Any sound source can be used to produce an image continuously becoming. The features of the audio signal define the trend, quality and color of the drawing. You can interact wih the software in different ways: using your hands, your body (thanks to tools like Leap Motion or Microsoft Kinect), and even your mind (with Emotiv EPOC). It can also be controlled from distance with Open Sound Control. A version for Android devices is actually under development. The project was conceived by Francesco Domenico D'Auria, and developed by Gruppo Workshow since 2010. CallPainting has been presented as interactive installation or audiovisual performance in Urbino, Rome, Jesi, Lisboa and Porto. Further informations on the project site: tumblr_inline_mytd59m6s21qeopxf