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Interactive installations for the Museum of the false

  The Museum of the false tells the human lie, and how men, with fake news, changed history. I worked with muschi&licheni to the development of some exhibits of the museum, following the project by Space Spa: Interactive Table: based on RFID technology, allows four people to interact at the same time, moving wood cubes to choose contents. The software was developed with openframeworks. Touchless immersive exhibit: based on Kinect v2 technology, gathers the people in front of the camera and inserts them in the 3D reconstruction of a prison cell in which the last of the Templars tells his story. Users can interact with the objects inside the prison to listen to others stories. Software developed with Unity. I also worked on sound design. 3D modeling and visual design by Pietro Spagnolo. Interactive TG: thanks to chroma key, the user is virtually inserted inside a TV studio. Software developed with Unity. Video Mapping: I worked on the sound design for the projection on the big wall in the last room of the museum. Video by Antonio D'Elisiis.