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Puolo, un paese si ricerca

Interactive installation

Developed together with the communication studio muschi&licheni, the interactive installation aims to redefine the concept of filmic linearity and to investigate the infinite relationships between sound and image. It tells the rich history of Puolo, a small village on the Sorrento Coast famous since the roman times. Touching the copper figures on the table, the participants listen to the story from the elder people of the village, browse in family albums and watch old footage about the hard work in the quarry and about the fishermen and the tourists. The touch is detected by the Touch Board developed by Bare Conductive. I developed the software with openframeworks 0.8.4, for Linux. This interactive installation is part of the project “The Garden of Interaction Play”. A format that allows you to expand the possibility of telling stories and can easily adapt to different types of events and contexts. See also L’albero è bianco, la campagna rossa