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Sound Design for interactive installations

  Volvolution is made of two interactive installations. Its aim is to communicate the connection betweeen Volvo Trucks and Nature. It was presented at Fuorisalone 2011 in Milan. The first work consists of a monitor with a brightness tracking system that allows the user to unveil hidden parts of a video using a torch. The second work is made of parts of a Volvo truck placed on a wall and organized in a way to resemble a tree. An interactive mapping system projects video contents that follow the shape of the wall composition. Users are more involved thanks to the Quadraphonic sound setting. Thanks to the sensor-equipped vehicle components, users are then able to control the video speed, the sound volume and the brightness of the installation. Realized with: Davide Totaro – interaction design Matteo Bonera – video artist Manuel Buscemi – visual artist Laura Grasseni – video artist Me - sound design 12 - 17 April 2011 - Montanari Showroom - Milano