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Livorno Port Center

Interactive installations for the Livorno Harbour Authority educational Expo

  Livorno Port Center was inaugurated on 3rd of November 2015 and it is official open to the public since March 1st 2016. Space Spa took care of the exhibition. I worked with the firm from Prato developing the software for four stations, and taking care of the sound design. Three of the four stations use the Kinect v2, that enables the user to interact moving his hands or body. Particularly, one of these stations allows to virtually fly on a 3D reconstruction of the Harbour using arms to change direction and moving the head to orient the view. In order to enphasize the immersive experience even the reconstruction of the sound of the city depends on our position and orientation. The fourth station is based on touch sensors and RFID tag/antennas  to allow the user to select the desired multimedia content. The software was developed with Unity. I worked with Filippo Bubbico on the composition of the music pieces for the over thirty videos of the exhibition.