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the Garden of Interaction Play

An artistic project that combines interactivity, video, sound and writing.

  Developed by the communication studio muschi&licheni, the interactive installation aims to redefine the concept of filmic linearity and to investigate the infinite relationships between sound and image. Touching abstract forms painted on a table you partecipate to a collective audiovisual montage, a continuously becoming experience. The videos used were realized during the Cinema Festival Cineramnia, in Teramo, during the lab Castello di storie, held by muschi&licheni too. The table was painted using a conductive paint, and the touch detected by the Touch Board developed by Bare Conductive. I developed the software with openframeworks 0.8.4, for Mac OS X. Touching one of the painted shapes the relative electric field changes. This variation is capted by the Touch Board, which translates the touch into a MIDI message and sends it to the application. Every shape is paired with a video, sound, or text content. The content combination on multiple levels allows to obtain infinite results. The first execution was in Teramo during the first edition of Festival del Virtuale, in the evocative Villa Comunale Park. The project was also shown during Setup Contemporary ArtFair 2016. garden_1_lq   locandina_festival_virtuale